Happy Raksha Bandhan Quotes With Rakhi Images

India is a country of colors and diversification. Each day is like a festival here. And each of the festival contains its own story and own importance. There are holi, diwali, dussera, and many more. Raksha Bandhan or we call rakhi is one of them.

This is a festival to cherish the love of a brother and sister. It teaches us the significance of the strength of this beautiful relation. A brother or sister is the first friend that we make. They are our best friends, secret keepers; saviors while we are being scolded by our parents, companion and every other relation exist.

You can not remember your childhood where you didn’t get into a serious fight with your sibling. Either it is for the remote of the television or for getting the biggest mango in the fridge. Even after fighting this much you never forget to share your chocolate with them. Because you guys know that there is no life without them.

So rakhi is the festival to celebrate the amazing sweet and sour chemistry of a brother-sister relation. Don’t be sad if you are not having a brother or you are a single child to your family. There is your sister and other cousins too. It is just all about having a sibling.

Here we are providing some really nice happy Raksha Bandhan quotes to rejuvenate this beautiful relation once again:-


  1. It is the time for fighting for the television remote again. No matter how much we have grown still we are those stupid kids in front of our siblings. Celebrating the love again. Happy rakshabandhan to all. 
  1. It is all about saving each other in all odds, it is all about doing all the pranks and never got caught cause we always know that our best buddies our brother or sister will definitely save us. Never noticed but how much we can learn by this relation. Happy rakshabandhan.
  1. If distance and being busy has made you guys forgotten about your love for your siblings then it is the moment to tease them again and relive the old memories. If you haven’t said yet then go and say it to your siblings that you love them a lot. Happy rakshabandhan.
  1. You can never forget being teased by your siblings every time you talk about your crush. They are those best friends who never break their promises. It is the time to say a big thanks to them. Happy rakshabandhan to all.
  1. Wishing you all the old fun, chit-chat, fights and pranks on this amazing occasion of rakshabandhan. I wish every brother or sister got to meet their siblings on this beautiful festival.
  1. Siblings are those best friends we share a blood relation with. They are your crime partners, selfie partners, problem solvers and a great advisor. So why not give them a big hug for this. Wishing you all the festival of another love. Happy rakshabandhan
  1. In the toughest phase of your life you always remember your siblings cause they are the one who put their body and soul together to get you out of any difficult situation. You should be proud to have them in your life. Happy rakhi to all.
  1. It is the late night maggi or late night gossips. They get you a coffee while you are studying late night. They scare you more while watching a horror movie together. But they can scare the whole world for you. Blessed to have such siblings in life. Happy rakshabandhan to all.
  1. It is that one extra gift you pick while shopping somewhere. It is that one extra chocolate you keep in your pocket every time. This relation is all about caring for each other without even letting them know. Celebrating love in a different way. Happy rakshabandhan to all.


  1. Remember when you were in school you never used to talk to those kids who had a fight with your siblings. It is the sweetness of this relation that makes you do all the lovely things for your brothers and sisters. Happy rakshabandhan to all of you who are missing their siblings a lot.
  1. They are your video games partner; they are the one who sit behind you on a bicycle even you made them fall several times. It is all about trusting each other even after so many mistakes. This love needs no show off. Happy rakshabandhan.
  1. When you used to be a small child you always used to fight with your sister. But at the time of rakshabandhan you always gifted her all the money you saved in your piggy banks. This is the kind of love which is not to be said but to be felt. Happy rakshabandhan to all.
  1. They can do your homework in exchange of a chocolate. They can lie to parents so that you can be saved. They can fight the whole world for you. no demands, no sacrifice. It is all about caring. Happy rakshabandhan
  1. On this rakshabandhan it is the time to remember your siblings. No matter how much busy you have turned in your life but you can find at least a day out from your usual course to show your affection to your brothers and sisters. A bit to keeping the memories a alive forever. Happy rakshabandhan to all my family and friends.
  1. It is the kind of relation where you never have to say I love you to show your love to them. You never show your affectionate side to them. You just do your bit to put a smile on their face without even taking the credit. A relation of siblings is hard to be replaced. Happy rakshabandhan.
  1. It is the time to give away your share of chocolate to your younger brother or sister again. Give them a big hug and show your love to them. A sibling is an amazing friend for a life time. Cherish the relation. Happy rakshabandhan to all.

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