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Happy Independence Day Quotes & Happy Independence Wishes Images : Happy Independence Day is coming and we all are excited to celebrate Independence Day like every year. I have collected best happy Independence Day Quotes and Independence Day Images to send your friends and teachers at Facebook and Social Media.

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Being an Indian is that thing on which every Indian can be proud. Our culture, our values, our customs are too different from the other countries. We are divided in different states, languages and languages but we are unites from one thing and that is being an Indian.

Every year we celebrate our Independence Day on 15th August since 1947. But are we really feeling the essence of freedom? We are still a slave of different social and global problems that are dominating our country.

Poverty, crime, dirty politics and there are a list of too many things that are forming a conspiracy against innocent people of India.

On this Independence Day of year 2015 lets hope for a bright future and promise our nation that we’ll devote our every bit to its service. Come out of your home and wish people a very happy Independence Day. And if you are not able to go out then use the social media. Text them, call them and spread the words of togetherness.

Here we are providing you great Happy Independence Day quotes and wishes images for the Independence Day:

  1. On this Independence Day let’s meet people with joy in our heart and smile on our face. Let’s open your heart out to the people of your country. Wishing you all a really happy Independence Day.


  1. Break the wall of religion, cast and creed and go with the flow of being an Indian. Let’s make a difference on this 15th Wishing all a great independence day this year.


  1. As Gandhi ji said “an eye for eye will make the whole world blind.” So let us try to make the eyes see a brighter world instead of making it dark. Let’s pledge for a brighter India on this Independence Day.


  1. Let’s fill the tricolors of the Indian national flag in our eyes. And make a promise to us for making India go green, complete white money transaction able and orange with the hard work of putting blood and sweat together. It is the time to make the national flag proud of us.


  1. let the lion of the’ Ashoka Stambh’ roar at the loudest of its voice and announce the whole world that India is no more legging behind in the race of being a super power. Show the power of being independent. Happy Independence Day to all.


  1. India will come out in flying colors only when all the Indians will unite as the citizens of India instead the citizen of the respective states. Remember boundaries are not to divide but to unite in a larger scale. Wishing a very happy independence day to all by heart.


  1. Follow the true meaning of India:

I – integrity

N – Nationalism

D – Devotion

I – independent

A – Arising

Proud to be an Indian. Happy Independence Day to all.


  1. The path of violence leads you to nowhere and the path of non violence may take some time to reach the destination but it will surely lead you to somewhere worth reaching. Be true to yourself and the whole surrounding will be true to you. celebrate this independence day with the feeling of being true.


  1. I guess India has never been slave of anyone. Because we never accepted to be slave of anyone. Freedom is in mind and soul not in our externality. But now it is the time to make india free of all the social problems. This independence day devote yourself to the betterment of the people of india.
  1. This independence day salute to the savior of our country who dedicates their all life to the safety of our country. To those martyrs who were never been remembered and to those who lost their lives and disappeared with leaving their bravery to be respected forever.
  1. To fulfill our bit to the nation at least we can complete our duty to cast vote. Do not get away from your responsibility of choosing a right leader for our country. Every bit of yours can change the future of our country. Be responsible and celebrate happy independence day.
  1. Say no to bribe and stay away from corruption. This is your bit to the country to raise it to become a super power. And the day is no longer far when we’ll be living in a corruption free India. And it will be the day when india will be truly independent. Happy independence day.
  1. Its time to redeem our pledge to our nation. It is the time to be true to our country to uplift it above all the miseries and destruction and form a new india which is free in its true meaning. Happy independence day to all.
  1. Freedom is like a drug; the more you get used of it the more it kills you. so utilize your freedom in a safe and sound way that it doesn’t harm any other’s freedom. Happy freedom day to the country.
  1. Close your eyes and visualize an india free of all the malware of fishy games of politics and tricky plans of politicians. And now determine yourself to create such a country. Let’s make india free of malware. Happy independence day.


  1. It is the right time to give a salute to late Mr. APJ Abul Kalam Azad and gift him the india that he visualized in his book in 2020. Don’t be coward to face challenges. Let’s put yourself completely for the betterment of our country. Happy independence day.
  1. Don’t limit your feeling of being a true Indian in text messages only. Spread your words in such a chain that it ignites the flame of making india a better country and let it help to immerges as a super power in front of the world. Happy independence day to all my fellow citizens of india.

Happy Independence Day SMS, Messages, Status For Facebook & WhatsApp


1. 31 States,
1618 Languages,
6400 Castes,
6 Religion,
6 Ethnic Groups,
29 Major festivals
& 1 Country!
Be Proud to be an Indian!..
Happy Independence Day

2. *********.–,_
***`\******** 15th August ********\`-‘\__****,|
,–;/ ********************************/*****.|*,/
\__*** HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY *’|****/**/*
A Very Happy Independence Day 2 all of u!


3. !’!’”””””””‘”)
! !”””(*)””(
! !”””””””””)
! !”””””””””

Ye flag 15 aug Tak Har Kisi K Inbox Me Hona Chahiye
Wish u Advance

4. Dis is D day,
Tht Our nation sings
Dis is D day
Tht D liberty bell starts 2 ring
Dis is D day
V all start 2 remembr
Wht V stand 4
And to celebrate our Independence
V stand up high, as V
All start 2 cry
As v think about,
All tht died
4 u, 4 me, 4 our whole country
Risking thr life
Each & evryday here is a salute
2 all tht lay …
Happy Independence Day


5. On this 15 August, may you enjoy the freedom not only the one enshrined in our constitution; but may you be blessed with the freedom of mind, thought and spirit!
Happy Independence Day!

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