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Good Morning Everyone: Good Morning Messages

1). Knock! Knock!
May I come into Ur world?
I bring no flowers,no cakes.
But wishes to keep U fresh,
Prayer to keep U healthy,
And love to keep U smiling.
“Good Morning Everyone”

2). Beautiful tomorrow
Never Comes.
When It Comes,
It Is Already TODAY…
In the Hunt Of
Beautiful tomorrow
Don’t Waste Your
Wonderful today..!
Good Morning Everyone.

3). Dear Friend’s!
Your Remaining
Sleeping Time
Has been Expired
Leave Ur Bed
Open Ur Eyes
And c Ur Mobile
I wish U
G00D M0RNING Everyone

4). Dont read success story.
Read only failure story,
B’coz, failure story you get new idea to win,
from Success story you get only message.
Good morning to u Everyone

5). Eyes to look at u…
Hands to pray for u…
Mind to think of u…
Heart to care for u…
Lips to wish u good morning… Everyone

6). People say, in the day there are no stars, and then how come I see u all, the brightest of all the stars. Good Morning Everyone.

7). Wishing U a Lovely and Lively Magical Morning followed by Amazing Afternoon and Excellent Evening and Nice Night Overall, Have a Great Day. Good Morning Everyone

8). Morning is not for mourning over the gone days or worrying about the coming days but for using more n more of the opportunity called today. Good Morning Everyone

9). U need a little inspiration to get going, and a little smile to brighten up and AMS from someone Good Morning Everyone

10). When we see our beloved one after a long gap, we want to share many things but smile n silents are the first one we share good Morning

12). Life is magic. The beauty of life is next second that hides thousands of secrets. I wish every second will be amazing in ur life.

13). The sun has risen, and its light may bring us hope for peace and with a deeper faith in God, we pray Good Morning

14). Above the deep dark horizon soon new light rays will appear. They signify to all the world a fresh new day is here Good Morning

15). Every Morning is a Wonderful Blessing from God, Either Cloudy raining or Sunny shining. It stands for Hope Good Morning

16). So never create a consistent image for everyone! B’Cos every saint has a past and every sinner have a future.. good morning

17). Working Towards Success Will Make You A Master, But Working Towards Satisfaction Makes you A Legend. Good Morning.

Good Morning Everyone: Wish Good Morning Have a Great Day 

18). Commit ur life, your plans, your dreams, your fears to God. You will have peace. Good Morning Have a peaceful day.

19). If u can solve ur problem, then what’s the need of worrying? If u can’t solve it, then what is the use of worrying? Good Morning

20). Happiness is the delicate balance between what one is and what one has. Balance it and be happy.Good Morning

21). Knowledge of reading books for one month is a Chinese proverb. So feel free to contact me any time. Good Morning

22). When GOD drops needles and pins along ur path in LIFE, don’t stay away,instead, pick them up and collect them.they were designed Good morning

23). Trusting a person is giving someone, the ability to destroy you completely. But being confident that the person Good Morning

24). The happiness of ur life depends upon the quality of ur thoughts, But, the quality of ur thoughts depends on the people u have in ur life

25). Most of the times it is the last key in the bunch that opens the lock, So have patience, don’t give up, Always remember U Good Morning

26). Find a beautiful heart but never search a beautiful face..Beautiful things are not good always, But good things are always beautiful.

27). By being frank in life, I may make a lot of enemies.But at least, I am sure that I will not make fake friends.Good Morning

28). we can surely win life by all means If we simply avoid two things in our life. “Comparing with others” “Expecting from others” Good Morning

29). Keep the Smile, Leave the Tension, Feel the Joy, Forget the Worry, Hold the Peace, Leave the Pain, BE HAPPY Good Morning.

30). life is the one on which, U decide your life is your own and u alone r responsible for Quality of it. Good Morning

31). My beautiful message traveled over my room roads buildings towers rivers lakes plants cloud finally reach to your mobile just 2 say Good Morning

32). The mist turn to light, morning takes over the nit another beautiful day drawings. its time to wish a very Good morning.

33). Unforgettable impression in my life and touch my heart and soul, please keep in touch..good morning

34). I strongly feel that we have enough hearts which car’s 4us, But many times LIFE that its just our imagination.Good Morning

35). Best RESULT is generated at the END of a day.Only If, best IDEAS are generated at the BEGINNING of the day.Good Morning

36). If we have worked 2 do, a person two love and the desire 2 live for a purpose then we will be the happiest people in the world. Good morning

37). The true heart does not talk with you everyday r may not meet U every time.but always thinks about U and Ur happiness. It’s my heart. Good morning

38). Special Numbers Stay In Phone, Special Photos Stay In Album Special Memories Stay In Brain, But A Special Friend Like U Stay IN My Heart

39). love is east to start, but the finishing touch is very hard to achieve, so understand the game first and ready to play Good morning

40). Before u leave your bed.before u peak out the window take a special hug from me and a kiss on your cheek.It’s my way of saying Good Morning.

Good Morning Everyone: Good Morning SMS

41). if there is any problem in your achievement, don’t get tired, bcoz every trouble is your way to achieving your path. good morning

42). The Morning Coolness, Rising Sun, Singing The Birds, Melting Dew Along wid dis little heart Wishing U A Very Glorious Good Morning

43). Electronic Morning Disconnect Your Sleep Switch On Your Concentration Signal Amplify Yourself. In Short, I Wish you A very High Voltage Day

44). When you learn to translate every event of ur life into a positive one, you will stop being prisoner of your past and become designer of your future

45). Don’t keep dreams in your eyes, they may fall like tears, keep them in your heart beat may remind you about your beautiful dream.GOOD MORNING Everyone

46). The beauty of belief in GOD is If he doesn’t give me when I ask then Surely he will give me when I Need. Good Morning Everyone

47). Good Morning Yesterday is the cancelled cheque; tomorrow is a promissory note and Today is ready cash. Use it.

48). Two places r most valuable in the world.The Nicest place is 2 be in some1’s thoughts n the safest place is 2 be in some1’s prayer gud morning

49). We all can win life by all means If v simply avoid two things in our life. “Comparing with others”Expecting from others” Gud Morning

50). Don’t think of a few things you did not get from God after praying so many times. Just think of those several things you got without praying. Good morning

51). Sometimes we maintain silence 2 protect our beautiful relation, but too much silence creates tears in all beautiful relations Good morning

52). Wat dos it takes 2 send a GUD MORNING Msg? Money? Mud? Time? Willingness? No, It’s a FEELING that says I REMEMBER U.

53). You are 1 of the few, who create an unforgettable impression in my life and touch my heart and soul so please keep in touch 4ever Good Morning

54). The universe works in the fact of exchange..only if you give, then you will receive. Good day Have a great Day

55). Small changes can produce big results.The trick is to know where to change and when to change. Good Morning

56). Be careful in thoughts when you are alone. and “Be careful in your words when you are in a crowd”. Good morning Everyone

57). See the place where u slipped. That is the way to be a successful person. Good morning

58). All of your dreams can’t be translated into reality. But they can act as a foundation stone of ur glorious future.good Morning

59). The comparison is the best way to judge your progress.but not with others, compare your yesterday with your today. Good morning Everyone

Wonderful Good Morning Everyone: Morning Wishes 

60). Expression of a face could be seen by everybody. But the depression of heart could be understood only By d Best one Good Morning

61). All d achievements in this world r made by People who had d courage to not to listen to d crowd. But.. Do wat they felt was right

62). The first rays of sun tried to wake up you but failed.Later sun told me; it is possible with your message only.So get up.Good morning

63). Feel the pleasure of life in every second and Never be angry or sad, B’coz every 1 min of ur sadness u loss 60 seconds of happiness

64). Hard work like a staircase and Luck like a Lift. Lift may sometimes fail, but Staircase always takes us to the top.Good morning

65). The best place to find helping hands is at the end of your arms A very good Morning.

66). LIFE n TIME are the world’s best two teachers.LIFE teaches us the use of TIME n TIME teaches us the value of LIFE. Good morning

67). Did you feel a little warm in morning? I sent you warm hugs in my lovely thoughts in every morning! Good morning

68). Two aspects of life If we become too sentimental its too hard to lead life n If we become too practical Good Morning

69). Good Morning everyone, smile and let the world wake up by your smile, without you, my world would become tasteless.

70). A true friend is never measured by the number of the times he made you laugh But by the number of times he made u laugh after u cried Good morning

71). The mist turns to light, and the Morning takes over the night.Another beautiful day dawning, Its time to wish a very Good Morning.

72). Have u done two most important things today in the morning? 1). PRAY: so you may live 2). BATH so others can live. Good Morning

73). when I woke up early morning, the birds were singing I asked them I m missing a sweet voice in u a bird replied u still haven’t said good morning

74). All mornings are like a painting, you need a little inspiration to get you going, a little smile to brighten it Good Morning

75). The more blessings you will have, to count I always do, and I count you as the nicest blessing God Bless you each day Good Morning

76). The happiness of life is made up of little things sometimes a smile, a hug, a moment of shared laughter can work wonders. Good morning

77). To Succeed in life, we can’t treat obstacles passively. We must be aggressive and overcome them with faith Good Morning

78). God’s mind. But its an attempt to let God change our mind… Gud morning Gud day.

79). May you begin this morning with a smile on your face, and with happiness for your soul to embrace. Good Morning

Good Morning Everyone: Good Morning Quotes

80). Be consistent in effort no matter how inconsistent the results…….Good morning.

81). Why we need a true lover when we have so many around us? a wise man said, “air is everywhere but still need a fan to feel it”.Good Morning Everyone

82). Coins always make a sound, But the currency notes are always silent. So, when your value increases, Keep yourself calm and silent. GudDay

83). Once you’ve heard it already. But y the same pain, hurt more than once when we have already cried for it.good Morning Everyone

84). May I cum in2 ur world?I have bought no flowers, no cakes, but wishes 2 keep u fresh; prayer 2 keep u healthy n safe n luv 2 keep smiling.GM

85). Cry as Hard as u want to.. But, just make sure that When u Stop Crying, U will never again Cry for d Same Reason. Good Morning Everyone

86). The entry of moon makes earth smiles.The entry of flowers makes bees smile.The entry of rain makes trees smile.may the entry of my msgs make smile at your face.GM

87). A ray of light, a ray of hope.A brand new day, know u could cope.When the day is done, look back and see, how the good sun is Good Morning

88). When I look at you, I cannot deny there is God, cause only God could have created someone as wonderful n beautiful as you.Good Morning

89). The permanent temptation of the life is to confuse dreams with the reality BUT the permanent defeat of life comes when we surrender our dreams. Good Morning

90). There is no road in world which leads to Happiness. But ‘Happiness’ itself is the only way which goes anywhere in the world.good Morning

91). Those that are most slow in making PROMISE are the most FAITHFUL in the performance of it.Good Morning

92). Ignoring your problems only increases the distance from the solution so never run from problems, Always solve them. Good morning

93). There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all, and the best smile is the one that shines through troubles. Good Morning

94). Upcoming morning what we taught today will be outdated and what we learn today will update us. Have nice day.

95). Life is too short to wake up with regrets. Love the people who treat you right. Forget the ones who don’t.Good morning

96). The happiness of the life is made up of little things sometimes a smile a hug, a moment of shared laughter can work wonders Good Morning Everyone

97). We can’t treat obstacles passively. We must be aggressive and overcome them with faith, prayer, and perseverance. Good Morning Everyone.

98). WISHING U HAPPIEST SWEETEST LOVELY Amazing Wonderful GOOd Morning Everyone

99). True Lines Don’t expect a perfect love from any of your close ones. Just show them what it is. Good Morning Everyone

101). everybody says the mistake is the first step of success, but it is not true, the truth is a correction of the mistake is the first step of success GM

102). Morning is God`s way of giving One more time Live life. Make a difference. Touch 1 heart. Encourage one mind. Inspire 1 soul Gud morning

103). The ability to express one`s own feelings and convictions balanced with consideration for the thoughts and feelings of others. Good morning

104). I know still your lazy hands are trying to pick the cell. Your half-hearted eyes are trying to read my lovely SMS. My funny, lazy friend gets up. Good Moring

105). After a long nite sleep, Here comes a new day, New Hope, New challenges, Let God be ur guide Good Morning

106). Don’t keep anything for special occasions because every day you live is a SPECIAL occasion. Good morning Everyone

107). The Roses Palm full of Holly water. Light of Full Sun. The fragrance of Flower. Grass with dew. I wish u a very special Good Morning Everyone .

108). life is full of problems. The Problems are not permanent, but life s permanent so avoid problems keep smiling enjoy life in the correct way. Good Morning Everyone

109). Touching Friendship Poem – I kept my heart strong like Iron but. I didn’t know that your heart is a magnet. GOOD MORNING Everyone

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